Squi.Jig (1-1/4”) - Framing Square Jig (Blue)

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Framing Square Attachment for all your framing needs, which might include stair layout, rafter layout, steel framing, or if you just want a cool tool to add to your collection!

The set includes 2x Squi.Jigs in Blue which are 1-1/4" tall.

  • 7/8 inch below the slot and 1-1/4 inch total height
  • Overcomes extensive wane or lumber defects
  • Overcomes rounded corners on square tubing
  • Easy to spot on the job, shop or tool box
  • Easy to use even with gloves on
  • Holds your square upright like a third hand
  • Precision machined 
  • Anodized aluminum thumbscrews
  • Solid aluminum body with an anodized finish
  • Built to last
  • Made in Portland OR. USA