48 Tools - Milwaukee M12 Battery Holder 4-PACK

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The 48Tools M12 battery holder is a great addition to any Milwaukee Fan. Simply insert the M12 attachment in any 48Tools M18 Battery Holder (required) and you can store both M12 and M18 batteries together.

Just bought a new M18 battery?? No problem!! Simply squeeze the upper tabs on the M12 attachment and remove it to install a new M18 or just to move the M12 attachment to another location on your 48Tools battery holder.

As with all the 48Tools holders your battery terminals are protected and the M12 attachment is no exception. With our specially designed cover panel your M12 batteries will be completely protected from harm and any chance of an object damaging the battery terminals.

With the batteries locked in place for use in mobile vehicles they can be mounted in any direction without worry of them falling out or getting damaged.


What's included?

4x M12 Battery Holders


Note: 48Tools M18 Battery Holder and batteries are for demonstration purpose only 


a 48Tools product from Australia