48 Tools - Dewalt 20V Battery Holder

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48 Tools Battery Holder to suit DeWalt 20V batteries

Use this battery holder to easily mount four 18V/20V Dewalt batteries to your wall, under your workbench or in your trailer or van. Batteries clip in using the existing locking clip, so can be mounted in any direction.

Dimensions: 12-3/4" x 4"

Why not buy two, to have a rack each for charged and uncharged batteries?

* The 48 Tools DeWalt 20V battery holder is designed to take 4x standard 20V batteries. The wider 20V 3ah and 4ah compact batteries don't fit next to each other or 60V FLEXVOLT batteries. If fitting the compact or FLEXVOLT batteries they must be interchanged next to a standard battery        E.G  20V / 60V / 20V / 60V. Or check out the dedicated FLEXVOLT battery holder, spacing is wider between each slot.


a 48Tools product from Australia