BATLOC - Battery and Charger Safe Box

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BATLOC - Battery and Charger Safe Box 

Introducing the world's first lockable box for power tool batteries and chargers. 


What is BATLOC ? 

The BATLOC Box is the only product in the world that physically protects your battery and charger while you work! BATLOC is built with the perfect amount of strength and ventilation ensuring maximum security while safely protecting your battery and charger! 

How to use? 

  1. Place your charger inside the box (fits most popular single battery chargers). Then strap down the charger with the provided velcro straps.
  2. Lock the box with a 3-digit combination code.
  3. Secure it to a charging station, pole, stud - you name it using the provided 3-digit combination chain.


The problem is that we have to charge our batteries at designated power stations, usually placed in convenient, busy locations and are susceptible to heavy foot traffic. There is little security on jobsites, so we have to simply trust the people around you not to "steal" or "accidently take" your battery and/or charger. Which is impossible on these larger job sites, so BATLOC developed this lockable, highly durable safe box for your battery and charger.

Market research:

  • 81% of the tradesmen have had a battery stolen
  • 92% of all tradesmen surveyed have at least worked with someone that has had his/her battery stolen.
  • 72% of all tradesmen worry about their batteries every time they charge
  • Batteries voted as the most stolen tool on jobsites.

Note: Results are from several surveys which BATLOC conducted


What is included?
3-Digit Combination cam lock
3-Digit Combination Chain
2x Velcro Straps
Instruction Manual
Batloc Sticker
1 Year warranty card

Made out of the toughest plastic in the world (polycarbonate) by injection moulding. You can stand on it, kick it and drop it. BATLOC is built to last.