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48 Tools Magnetic Bit Holder to suit Makita Tools.

Compatible with any drill, driver, impact wrench, hammer drill, or brand that you see in the dropdown menu. Our magnetic bit holder should fit any drill that has a screw hole.

Key features

  • Deeper pockets for longer drill attachments
  • Strong rare earth magnet
  • Reversible
  • Full-length magnetic strip for holding extra screws and drill bits
  • Hexagonal holes to secure your drill attachments better
  • The ability to magnetize nonmagnetic drill bits
  • Screw included to affix to your drill

By using a bit holder from 48 Tools, you can keep up to five driver bits organized and out of sight, making your workspace more orderly and eliminating the need to waste time searching for the correct drill bit. With a full-length magnet across the bottom, you can attach additional screws or drill bits to the bottom of our Bit holders to help keep your hands free. This also gives you the ability to magnetize nonmagnetic drill bits. With Hexagonal shaped pockets to match the shape of standard attachments, your bits can’t spin or move around helping keep them from getting lost or falling out when they are bumped or your drill is dropped. We have made the pockets deeper than standard bit holders to help hold those longer drill attachments that are now standard in everyone’s tool kit.


a 48Tools product from Australia