48 Tools - Dewalt 20V/60V Tool Holder

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48 Tools Tool Holder to suit Dewalt 20V/60V Tools.

48 Tools Tool Holders are designed with mobile Trades in mind. Our tool holders use a clip in design with lock in tabs to keep your tools from falling out while you are on the Road. 

Worlds First Tool Holder with a 1/4" or 6mm nut insert mounded into the holder. No more needing to screw up from below when mounting your holders, with the 48 Tools Tool Holder you can screw or use a 1/4" or 6mm nut and bolt to mount them to your metal shelves in your van or Trailer.

  • Nut Insert
  • Tapered Hole for Screws
  • Clip-in
  • Glass Filled Commerical Grade ABS Plastic
  • super strong, very rigid, won't flex


**Our tool holders are designed for standard on road use. We are sure they will handle anything you can throw at them but there is no guarantee your tools will stay clipped in if they are used for harsh off-road use.


a 48Tools product from Australia